Marvel May Create An Original Hero For Dwayne Johnson To Play In The MCU


As the biggest movie star in the world with a solid track record of box office success, it doesn’t exactly take a genius to figure out why Dwayne Johnson is one of the most in-demand names in the entire entertainment industry. It also helps that the 48 year-old’s work ethic is nothing short of ridiculous, and he’s regularly got multiple movies in development at any given moment, as well as finding the time to host The Titan Games and create a TV series based on his own life that he’s also set to play a regular role in.

One thing that was always missing from his resume though was a comic book movie, but that’s all set to change with the double whammy of the DCEU’s Black Adam and the recent announcement that he would be re-teaming with Jungle Cruise co-star Emily Blunt for Netflix’s adaptation of the acclaimed graphic novel Ball and Chain.

There’s no limits on how many superhero movies an actor can star in though, and more than a few have appeared in multiple franchises, so you can understand why Johnson has consistently been linked to a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite being set to star in Black Adam for their rivals over at DC. The former pro wrestler’s name has already been floated for several potential characters, but we’ve now heard that Marvel could be planning something entirely unexpected to get him on board.

According to our intel – which comes from the same sources that told us Han would return in Fast & Furious 9 and Diana will get her Golden Eagle armor in Wonder Woman 1984, both of which were correct – Marvel are said to be so desperate to have Johnson be a part of their shared universe that if they can’t find a suitable role for him, they might end up creating a brand new superhero specifically for him to play.

While a lot of fans would no doubt love to see Dwayne Johnson as part of the MCU, it still might ruffle some feathers to see the studio bending over backwards in the name of one actor and deviating so drastically from comic book history. However, if it’s the only way that they can get him involved, then it might just be a pill that fans will have to swallow.