Marvel Will Be Able to Use Daredevil In The MCU This November


Back in late 2018, Marvel fans had their hearts broken by the news that Netflix had cancelled Daredevil after three seasons. And just to rub salt in the wound, we learned that, due to contractual obligations, Marvel Studios couldn’t use the Man Without Fear in the MCU again for another two years. That sounded ages away, but here we are in spring 2020, and that moratorium only has a few months left to go.

MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad reminded us of this fact on Twitter today. The insider pointed out one possible positive of the coronavirus outbreak delaying all upcoming MCU projects, suggesting that if Spider-Man 3 doesn’t start filming until November, it’s possible that they could make use of the lifting of the Daredevil ban and bring Charlie Cox’s hero back to team up with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker.

Obviously, Conrad’s hypothesis is just speculation at this stage. S-M3 was due to shoot in the summer, so holding it off until November would be a pretty hefty delay. Though obviously, right now, we don’t know how long the current situation is going to go on for. What is a fact, though, given everything we know about the Marvel/Netflix deal, is that the ol’ Hornhead should be free to have some new MCU adventures from this November onward.

Daredevil fans have worked tirelessly over the past year and a half to campaign for Marvel to bring back Charlie Cox and the rest of the Netflix show’s cast for any future DD projects, rather than simply reboot the character. Thankfully, all of the signs are pointing to the studio having listened to what the people want. We don’t yet know exactly what form his return will take, but there’s definitely a good chance Matt Murdock could appear in Spider-Man 3, after all. Spidey does need a lawyer, right?