12 Marvel And DC Characters That Still Need Their Own Movie

When Stan Lee created the Fantastic Four in 1961 and later Spider-Man in 1962, little did he know that he was spawning a dynasty. Fifty years on, Lee and the Marvel brand have never been stronger and their heady rivalry with DC Comics has laid the ground for some of the biggest summer blockbusters in history. But where are we headed? Is the future solely dedicated to tentpole franchises boasting established names, or is there room to grow new blood on screen, too?

Here, we take a look at comic book characters who could carry their own film. Some you may be familiar with, some you may never heard of, but each and every one has the potential to be a star and bring attention to the good work of the artists that created them.

Also, just a quick note before we begin: While some of these characters have starred in their own movies in the past, they weren’t very well received and as such, they deserve a shot at redemption – we’re looking at you, Frank Castle.