Marvel And DC Reportedly Eyeing Kristen Stewart For Superhero Roles

Kristen Stewart

The central trio of The Twilight Saga all went their separate ways after the multi-billion dollar franchise concluded with 2012’s Breaking Dawn – Part 2, and they’ve all carved out very different career paths for themselves in the years since.

Poor Taylor Lautner may have vanished into the ether having not been seen in a movie or TV show in the last five years, but somehow he’s still only 29, so there’s plenty of time for him to mount a comeback. Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, actively shunned big budget studio projects for a decade to reinvent himself as an acclaimed talent willing to tackle risky material, but he’s eventually circled back around again to headline Matt Reeves’ The Batman.

Last but not least, Kristen Stewart already had years of experience under her belt as a child star before she agreed to play Bella Swan, but her brief detour into action heroine territory in Snow White and the Hunstman was hardly rapturously received, and she’s more likely to be found in independent dramas than glossy blockbusters these days, with the notable exception of the Charlie’s Angels reboot, which bombed at the box office.

According to insider Daniel Richtman, though, the 30 year-old is being eyed by both Marvel and DC for a superhero role. The tipster doesn’t offer any sort of clue as to who, what or when, while even the where is vague seeing as both outfits are named. Kristen Stewart will next be seen as Princess Diana in Spencer, though, which really looks like it could go either way at this stage to turn out as an awards-baiting prestige drama or a laughable misfire in the same vein as Naomi Watts’ 2013 flop Diana. After that, however, her schedule is clear, so we’ll just have to wait and see if she pitches up in a comic book franchise.