Django Unchained Star Also Being Eyed For The MCU’s Doctor Doom

doom doctor

With the Fantastic Four flying back to Marvel Studios, Doctor Doom is surely on his way to the MCU in the not-so-distant future. Victor Von Doom is one of the biggest supervillains in the Marvel universe and fans are excited to see how Kevin Feige and co. will handle him. The pressure’s certainly on for them to get it right, too, after Fox never managed it in three FF movies.

At this early stage in the process, it seems Marvel is keeping their options open and is considering a range of actors for the ruler of Latveria. We’ve previously brought you the news that they might get Hugh Jackman back to switch sides and play the villain this time around, but we’ve also heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Taskmaster will be the villain of Black Widow and the real Mandarin will be in Shang-Chi, both of which were later confirmed – that Christoph Waltz is on the studio’s wishlist for Doom, while X-Men star Michael Fassbender is another name that’s floating around, too.

Waltz would definitely be a safe choice for the role though, seeing as he’s made his career out of playing bad guys in everything from Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds to Bond movie Spectre. To date, he’s yet to do a Marvel or DC film, so this could be his chance. With a villain like Doom, who spends most of him time under a metal mask, you also need an actor with an effective voice and Waltz’s icy, German delivery could be perfect.

Exactly how Doom will fit into the MCU is still being worked out, but we recently brought you the news that he might become the major villain of the next couple of phases in place of Norman Osborn, if Spider-Man remains out of the franchise. Legion‘s Noah Hawley was developing a solo film for Victor under Fox, too, but he’s since cast doubt on the chances of that still happening with Marvel.

Regardless, it sounds like Kevin Feige and co. have big plans for Doctor Doom and as soon as we get some concrete casting news, we’ll be sure to share it with you.