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Marvel Wants Hugh Jackman To Play Doctor Doom In The MCU

Marvel is apparently looking at Hugh Jackman to play an MCU villain and one of their top choices is said to be Doctor Doom.

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Though he’s without a doubt one of the greatest comic book villains of all-time, the adaptations of Doctor Doom we’ve seen on the silver screen so far have been terrible. 2005’s Fantastic Four and its sequel, 2007’s Rise of the Silver Surfer, featured a miscast Julian McMahon as Victor Von Doom and Toby Kebbell’s take on the character in Josh Trank’s FF reboot wasn’t much better.

Thankfully, we should soon see a much more faithful and successful version of the sorcerer/scientist king of Latveria as he’s getting set to make his debut in the MCU. When that’ll be, we don’t know for sure, but a source close to We Got This Covered has told us that Marvel has big plans for Doctor Doom and we should expect to see a lot of him going forward.

It’s unlikely he’ll be showing up in Phase 4 – except maybe at the very end – but from what we understand, the studio wants him to have a big presence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe once they start integrating the Fantastic Four into the franchise and not only do they want him to be a serious threat for our heroes, but they’re also eyeing a fan favorite actor to play the role.

We told you earlier this week that Marvel is hoping that Hugh Jackman may return as Wolverine, and according to our sources, that’s still true. But it’s said to be unlikely and the studio knows that. So, if they can’t get him to change his mind and reprise his role as the mutant leader, they want to offer him another MCU part, and from what we’ve heard, they’d love for him to play a villain.

Not just any villain, though. Our source says Marvel wants Hugh as Doctor Doom. It’s unclear if this is something they’ve actually formally offered the actor or if it’s just wishful thinking being discussed between Kevin Feige and co., but we can confirm that the studio definitely wants to work with him in some capacity, either as Wolverine or an MCU villain.

Of course, Marvel doesn’t always get what they want and there’s no telling if Hugh would be interested in any of this, but it’s an intriguing and exciting prospect – having him as Doctor Doom – and we can only hope that the beloved actor feels the same way.

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