Marvel Also Eyeing Hugh Jackman For Norman Osborn


Marvel really wants to work with Hugh Jackman, and honestly, why wouldn’t they?

Though the iconic actor has since retired from the comic book movie game, Kevin Feige and co. are eager to get him back on board. For starters, they’re still hopeful he’ll return as Wolverine, which seems unlikely but given the amount of money they’d no doubt offer him, you never know.

Failing that, though, we’ve heard from our sources that Marvel wants Jackman in the MCU as a villain, and they have two characters in particular in mind for him to play. The first is Doctor Doom and the second is none other than Norman Osborn, who’s expected to make his debut very, very soon.

From what we understand, it’s still a bit unclear if Marvel will be able to use him in the MCU, as Sony may want Osborn for their Sony Universe of Marvel Characters franchise instead. There’s a chance they could share him, as they’re doing with Spidey, but things are still up in the air apparently. If Kevin Feige and co. get the go ahead to have the villain in their cinematic universe though, Hugh Jackman is apparently one of several actors they like for the role since as we said above, the studio wants him as a villain if not as Wolvie.

That’s not to say this will for sure happen, of course, and as with the other parts they’re eyeing him for, it’s unknown if a formal offer has actually been made or if this is just an idea at this point. But either way, having the X-Men star in the MCU can only be a good thing and seeing him as Norman Osborn in particular would no doubt be hugely exciting for fans.