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Marvel fans are worshipping Natalie Portman over new look at ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’

Move over, Hemsworth, the internet has a new favorite Thor.

Jane Foster as Mighty Thor in Thor: Love and Thunder
Image via Marvel Studios

Remember when nobody cared about Jane Foster? Natalie Portman was wasted in the first two Thor films as Chris Hemsworth’s thinly drawn astrophysicist love interest but this summer, after sitting out Thor: Ragnarok, the Star Wars icon is back in Thor: Love and Thunder — and her character’s much changed for the better since we last saw her. In Taika Waititi’s second Marvel movie, Jane will have become the Mighty Thor herself, after being deemed worthy of wielding Mjolnir.

So now that Dr. Foster is a bonafide goddess, MCU fans are full-on worshipping Portman on Twitter. The latest promo image for Love and Thunder showcases both Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie and Jane’s Thor sitting on Asgardian thrones. In her sleeveless superhero costume, Portman’s newly buff arms are on view for all to see. And the internet cannot stop talking about Jane’s glow-up.

Some folks are never going to recover from this.

To misquote Harry Potter‘s Ron Weasley, people know they’re gonna suffer… but they’re happy about it.

Jane’s the goddess of thunder… and of living rent-free in your head.

Those few fans with the self-control to tear their eyes away from Portman’s biceps are intrigued by the wider implications of this pic, as it just might indicate that Jane will be Valkyrie’s new queen. We know that the recently appointed King of New Asgard is looking for a wife to rule beside her. And Waititi has teased that the Love in the title maybe won’t refer to Thor and Jane rekindling their relationship as we’ve been assuming. Jane and Valkyrie aren’t a couple in the comics, but this would no doubt be a deviation that fans would be more than happy to accept.

Not long now until Marvel lovers can gawp at Natalie Portman’s arms on the big screen to their heart’s content when Thor: Love and Thunder blasts into theaters in less than two months on July 8.

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