Marvel Fans Are Campaigning For Jack Black To Get A Role In The MCU

Marvel Cinematic Universe

Since landing the breakout role of his acting career 20 years ago in High Fidelity, Jack Black has embraced his niche as one of the most likeable and energetic personalities in Hollywood. While he never veers too far from his established persona of being frequently loud and incredibly hyperactive, he’s built a solid back catalogue of great movies that have all been tailored to his particular talents.

Earlier this week, the latest chapter in Twitter’s war against Chris Pratt saw the Guardians of the Galaxy star trending once again when people decided that Jack Black should simply replace him in every role of his career from Parks and Recreation‘s Andy Dwyer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Star-Lord.

The bandwagon has continued rolling on, but Pratt has been left by the wayside as fans continue to put forward the idea of Black joining the MCU as any number of characters, and you can check out some of what folks are saying down below along with a rather disturbing video of the 51 year-old as Spider-Man.

Ironically, the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise would be a pretty good fit for Jack Black‘s comic sensibilities and larger than life presence, but the Tenacious D frontman doesn’t really tend to sign on for big properties.

He took a major role in Peter Jackson’s King Kong fifteen years ago and headlined the disastrous Gulliver’s Travels five years later, but outside of his scene-stealing performance as one of the four leads in Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle and The Next Level, the only other multi-film series he’s ever appeared in is the animated Kung Fu Panda trilogy. That being said, when Marvel come knocking, not a lot of actors are able to turn them down.