The Internet Is Calling For Jack Black To Replace Chris Pratt In Everything

Chris Pratt

We don’t make the rules, but the law of the internet dictates that somebody has to be the least popular Chris in Hollywood, and it looks like Mr. Pratt has taken the unwanted distinction after he was named bottom of the pile beneath Hemsworth, Evans and Pine. Your mileage on whether or not the 41 year-old deserves such an accolade may vary, though, especially when he became the latest victim of cancel culture for doing precisely nothing.

The Jurassic World star was absent from an Avengers-themed fundraiser being held by Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, and by not taking part, in the eyes of Twitter that made him a homophobic white supremacist. Admittedly, Pratt had a minor public faux pas with a poorly-worded social media post designed to promote his Pixar movie Onward at the People’s Choice Awards, but Robert Downey Jr. didn’t attend the virtual fundraiser, either, and nobody was calling for his head – though he did rush to the defense of his former Marvel Cinematic Universe co-star.

The latest chapter in the online discourse is suggesting that Jack Black replace Chris Pratt for literally every role of his entire career, and you can check out some of the reactions to this below.

While some of the responses are tongue in cheek, there are a number of interesting ideas being put forward. Would it be cool to see Jack Black playing a superhero in the MCU? Of course it would. Would it be awesome to have Jack Black battling dinosaurs in the Jurassic World franchise? Absolutely. Chris Pratt can’t seem to catch a break these days, but the latest twist in the tale of the online rebellion against him has at least shown some love for the hyperactive Jumanji  and Kung Fu Panda star.