Marvel Fans Celebrating Robert Downey Jr.’s Birthday On Twitter

RDJ Iron Man

Today (April 4th) marks the 55th birthday of the Hollywood legend that is Mr. Robert Downey Jr. The actor’s been a major name in the business for decades, earning himself an Oscar nomination back in 1992 for Chaplin, but as we all know, his portrayal of Tony Stark in the MCU is what lifted him to a phenomenal level of fame and acclaim.

He officially vacated the role of Iron Man, at least on a regular basis, in last year’s Avengers: Endgame, but all the birthday messages that Marvel fans have been sharing on social media today make clear that his contribution to the franchise will never be forgotten.

To begin with, fan artist Boss Logic shared this awesome piece to commemorate Downey’s big day.

The one and only.

As much as we all love Tony, let’s not forget about his other iconic parts – like his performances as the aforementioned Charlie Chaplin, Kirk Lazarus in Tropic Thunder (which earned him his second Academy Award nom) and Sherlock Holmes.

A lot of fans decided to reflect on the incredible turns his career has taken, from his well-documented substance abuse problems to his triumphant comeback and beyond.

On the flipside, fellow Marvel man Taika Waititi decided to have some fun with Downey’s birthday, apparently getting his buddy confused with British TV personality Graham Norton!


Some statistics to be proud of.

Now’s the perfect time to share this GIF from back when his MCU journey began, with 2008’s Iron Man. 

Someone had to say it.

Downey’s first post-Endgame project, Doolittle, arrived in theaters earlier this year and he’s next set to appear in Sherlock Holmes 3reprising the Great Detective, and Jamie Foxx’s sports drama All-Star Weekend. Also, don’t miss his cameo in Black Widowwhich may prove to be his last time playing Iron Man.

Happy birthday, Robert Downey Jr. We love you 3000.