Marvel fans debate the MCU’s most resonant quote

Image via Marvel

27 movies, six TV shows, and 14 years in, the MCU has produced reams and reams of iconic lines of dialogue. Ever since Robert Downey Jr started trading quips in 2008’s Iron Man, Marvel Studios’ output has been known for its smart writing, something that has set it apart from many other superhero franchises and helped it become the most successful cinematic saga in the world. But what are the most profound quotes in the whole of the MCU?

That’s the question that fans have been debating on Reddit. User u/random_guy_somewhere got the ball rolling by asking folks, “What MCU quote do you think has been the most profound or resonated best?” The OP also shared a graphic of four memorable moving lines from Marvel movies, including Vision’s “love persevering” WandaVision quote, the Ancient One’s message about death from Doctor Strange, Tony’s words to Peter Parker in Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Frigga’s pep talk to her son Thor in Avengers: Endgame.

The comments filled up with various responses from Marvel lovers. The most upvoted answer was another Vision quote. Namely, his words to Ultron about why the world deserves saving: “A thing isn’t beautiful because it lasts.”

A lot of Tony quotes were brought up, too, including a couple of particularly loaded ones from Avengers: Endgame.

But let’s not forget that his fellow Avenger, Captain America is a font of wisdom himself.

As is his wife, Peggy Carter, as shown by this quote from The Winter Soldier:

An underrated line from Thor: Ragnarok.

But it’s not just the good guys who have all the good quotes, as the villains have been known to drop some nuggets of pathos, as well. Zemo, specifically, is full of them.

But one character was referenced more than any other in this thread — Vision, who it seems deserves to be crowned Marvel’s wisest character.

“Vision is such a poet.” You know it.

Having said that, nothing can come close to this soul-enriching, life-altering quote from that cosmic philosopher known as Korg:

The MCU continues with Moon Knight weekly on Disney Plus and Doctor Strange 2, in cinemas May 6.