Marvel fans drop their craziest suggestions for who should direct the new ‘Fantastic Four’

fantastic four

Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot is currently in limbo following Spider-Man: No Way Home director Jon Watts stepping away from the movie in April. With John Krasinski cameoing as Mr. Fantastic in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it’s clear that the project remains a top priority for the studio; however, something corroborated by a recent piece of intriguing news.

As per Variety’s Justin Kroll, Kevin Feige is determined to land a big-name director for the new Fantastic Four, someone comparable to Doctor Strange 2‘s Sam Raimi, as he wants to make sure Marvel’s First Family is in safe hands. No names on Feige’s apparently lengthy list of hopefuls have yet to be revealed, but fans have been busy suggesting their own picks for who should helm the FF reboot on social media.

The Ant-Man trilogy’s Peyton Reed has been trying to make a Fantastic Four movie since the 2000s, so he’s one popular choice to take up the reins.

And obviously, Reed Richards himself, John Krasinski, is standing right there.

Bryce Dallas Howard has proven her directorial skills on The Mandalorian. Maybe it’s time she graduated to a feature film?

A left-field idea: what about if The Dark Knight‘s Christopher Nolan gave the Four his own unique twist?

Alternatively, others want someone who will finally give us the authentic, comics-accurate take on the team that we’ve been waiting for.

Alongside the more serious suggestions, some folks are throwing out the most hilarious, least likely ideas for Fantastic Four directors. M. Night Shyamalan for the MCU, anyone?

OK, but now we actually want to see what a John Waters Marvel movie would look like.

Martin Scorsese’s Fantastic Four. Now that’s cinema.

Fans should feel free to keep spitballing as the latest intel also says that Marvel probably won’t announce a new director for Fantastic Four until the fall at the earliest. This may mean the film is no longer headed for release in 2023.