MCU Fans Aren’t Happy That Black Widow’s Reportedly Being Delayed Again


Try to look shocked, everybody – Black Widow is reportedly on the verge of being delayed again. As things stand, Scarlett Johansson’s first ever solo MCU movie is due to hit theaters in May, exactly one year later than it was originally set to come out. However, as we all know, cinemas aren’t suddenly going to be filled with people again by the spring, so all the signs are pointing to Marvel Studios hitting the pause button on the film’s release once more.

A report by Variety is the latest to suggest this, and it’s caused a lot of ruckus on social media, as fans desperate to finally see the flick are bemoaning the idea of having to endure another six month or so delay. It’s important to note that the studio hasn’t officially pulled the plug on its release as yet, but when even Kevin Feige is voicing doubts that it’s going to happen, that means we should probably be prepared for the worst.

Here are just a few of the hilariously heartbroken reactions to the Black Widow news going around on Twitter…

It’s what girls want.

Just let us watch the damn movie!

Cap, we feel your pain.

Of course, what many are arguing should happen is for Marvel to release BW in both theaters and on Disney Plus this May, as they did with Mulan. 

Then again, some fans are with the studio and would prefer it if Black Widow could debut exclusively in theaters in order to make the same impact as previous MCU films.

But if they stick to that plan, we might all end up looking like Alexander Pierce by the time we finally see it.

Yup, ‘fraid so, Heimdall.

Given how carefully mapped out Phase 4 no doubt is, at some point Marvel is going to have to make a big decision about what’s happening with Black Widow or the whole franchise will start to topple like dominoes. But at present, they’re officially still on course to drop it in theaters in May. Fingers crossed things stay that way.