Marvel Fans Reporting Empty Screenings For Spider-Man: Far From Home Re-Release


If recent estimates are anything to go by, then Spider-Man: Far From Home could gross upwards of $6 million over the course of the holiday weekend, but after the recent Disney/Sony split, it seems that some filmgoers are still holding out hope that the fan backlash will leave a dent on the movie’s latest box office figures.

The newly released extended cut of the Spider-Man: Homecoming sequel boasts an additional four minutes of footage, including a New York action scene that was only glimpsed previously in the film’s trailers. In light of last month’s news that Peter Parker has been seemingly pulled from the MCU, however, fans have been calling for a boycott of the Sony re-release. And while it’s becoming increasingly clear that plenty of filmgoers are showing up to the theater regardless, you couldn’t be blamed for thinking otherwise if you were only going by this recent wave of tweets:

Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that this all little more than anecdotal evidence that doesn’t necessarily reflect any larger pattern. In fact, you may recall that Captain Marvel was subject to a similar wave of empty theater screenshots on social media earlier this year, but that sure didn’t stop Carol Danvers’ MCU debut from becoming one of Marvel’s highest grossing solo movies to date.

On top of that, we have to remember that Spider-Man: Far From Home has been in cinemas for almost two months now, and was long past its commercial peak even before the recent news of the Disney/Sony split. In any case, we’ll find out if the re-release has really performed as badly as some fans are hoping as we move further into the holiday weekend.