Spider-Man: Far From Home Extended Cut’s Extra Footage Has Been Revealed


As you may have already heard, Sony decided to take advantage of the groggy list of openers this weekend and send an extended cut of Spider-Man: Far From Home to theaters. Now fans will have to decide whether or not the extra footage is worth the trip to the cinema. And if you’re struggling to make that decision, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Here’s everything you can expect to see in the Far From Home re-release…

First of all, the extension’s made up of about four minutes of never-before-seen footage, following Peter Parker as he checks off some things on his to-do list before his European travels begin. And the first item on his Spidey list is taking down the Manfedi crime family.

But since Peter’s goal for the trip is to prioritize himself, the Manfedi syndicate can wait until after he’s gotten his passport. Cut to a long, slow line at a Post Office. Frustrated with the wait, Parker activates a Spider-Bot tucked away in his backpack and uses it to open up the nearest pickup window.

He then moves on to Delmar’s Deli-Grocery, where he picks up some last minute essentials. When Mr. Delmar (Hemky Madera) finds out where he’s going, he asks if he can tag along, but Peter explains that it’s just a science trip. Then asking him if he can get that dual headphone adapter for MJ (Zendaya), he makes another romantic endeavor.

This time, he goes to a pawn shop, where he sells some of his geeky, old-school figures to buy her “something really nice” – which we later find out is the sort of grim necklace. And after all that stuff is out of the way, the heroics can begin.

Jumping into what’s usually an upscale restaurant, we watch Spider-Man web up some thugs and drop them onto tables in his glowy-eyed Iron Spider Suit. “Let’s keep it moving, guys,” he calls out as charged web blasts explode, and make gunfighters into wall decor. “I got a lot to do today!”

After taking out some more baddies, he sits on an overturned table and remarks, “alright, I’m gonna give this place one star.” Just then, a goon lights Spidey up with a machine gun. Thinking he’s taken down the threat, the criminal slowly reloads his weapon. But that’s when Spider-Man pops back to life; “just kidding! It’s bullet proof.”

More bad guys then make their way over to him, using whatever they can as weapons. The suit’s mechanical arms unleash from the back and help Peter take them all out. “That’s it,” he says after the job is done, “I’m definitely not giving you a 20% tip.”

When the police arrive, they find Manfredi’s army webbed up and hanging around like chandeliers. Like we saw in the first trailers, Spidey announces to the cops that he’s officially on vacation and heads out of the restaurant.

If that description’s caught your interest, be sure to check out the extended cut of Spider-Man: Far From Home in theaters. Personally, I’d rather wait and spend my money on IT: Chapter Two next weekend, but that’s just me.