MCU Fans Spot New Easter Egg Linking 2008’s Iron Man To Avengers: Endgame


With the Infinity Saga now complete, Marvel fans can binge watch the entire first decade of the MCU and take note of connections between the films that they might not have noticed before. Tony Stark met his heroic end in Avengers: Endgame, for example, and now Iron Man lovers have picked up on a running character motif that dates back to his very first movie in 2008.

As first noticed by Reddit user u/mimedx and shared by the Hidden Easter Eggs Twitter account, in the first scene of Iron Man, a soldier takes a selfie with Stark and uses the peace sign. Tony dismisses the sign with a joke, but following this interaction, he himself uses the peace sign all the time.

Check out the original scene in the gallery below, along with screenshots of a few other times Tony employs the pose, from later on in Iron Man and twice in Endgame:

This is a really neat easter egg as there’s a potentially very meaningful reason why Tony starts using the peace sign after not thinking much of it at first. This soldier lost his life trying to save Stark from the Ten Rings terrorists who kidnapped him shortly after the photo was taken. So, we can infer that Tony started using the peace sign, whether consciously or unconsciously, in memory of this brave guy.

On another level, it also represents his changing priorities. At the beginning of Iron Manhe makes money from war, selling weapons to the military, but after his kidnapping experience and near-death, he changes his life around and dedicates himself to trying to bring peace to the world. He stumbles somewhat along the way, like when he created Ultron, but he eventually achieves his goal when he destroys Thanos, the most dangerous being in the universe.