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Marvel fans try to find the Avenger with the most crimes committed

Not all Superheroes are good people as Marvel fans attempt to figure out which Avenger has the most crimes committed.

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Not all superheroes are innocent; some of them might have committed crimes while carrying out their duties. While The Avengers did save the world from multiple alien attacks, some feel that it doesn’t excuse them escaping the law. So MCU fans are trying to determine which Marvel superhero has committed the most crimes in the franchise. And no, destruction of property does not count.

Reddit user u/Bruhmangoddman shared a chart on r/MarvelStudios, where they’ve listed every crime committed by every Avengers member. According to this Reddit user, most of the Avengers have committed at least two to three illegal activities. Meanwhile, Wong and Vision were the only ones who were able to abide by the law throughout their time as superheroes. The Avengers member that has committed the most crimes is Wanda with a total of 12.

And what’s funny is that the crimes listed disregard the Sokovia Accords. These were everyday crimes that a normal person would usually commit.

Fans who saw the chart poked fun at the results and thought that some of the Avengers would have more crimes listed under their name.

Some were surprised that Wong has a spotless criminal record, despite his involvement in numerous battles. They theorized that maybe his clean record was the reason why he was made Sorcerer Supreme instead of Doctor Strange. That or the cops still haven’t caught on to his underground fight club activities.

A few fans also suggested that more crimes that should be added to the Avengers in this list that OP might have missed out on, increasing their total crime count. How are these heroes not in jail yet?

For all the good that these heroes have done, you have to admit that they have done some illegal stuff. And these are just the generic everyday crimes outside the Sokovia Accords. It’s no wonder why most heroes in Phase 4 such as Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel were called out and chased by authorities. They just want to make sure that these superheroes don’t break the law just because they can.

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