Marvel Won’t Give Captain Marvel A Love Interest Anytime Soon


Fans who are hoping Carol Danvers will become the MCU’s first LGBTQ superhero will have to wait at least a little bit longer. While there’s still no word about the character’s sexuality, it’s been confirmed by our sources that she won’t be getting a love interest in Captain Marvel 2 or anytime soon.

It’s already been explained why Carol didn’t have a boyfriend/girlfriend in the first movie, but it’ll be interesting to see what the reason is to deprive her of a partner in the second film. She’s such a badass that she definitely doesn’t need anybody to fawn over, but it would be awesome to see Captain Marvel become the franchise’s first openly gay superhero. Brie Larson is certainly onboard for the idea, as is Tessa Thompson.

While there’s still time for the character to become a prominent LGBTQ hero, it’s looking she won’t become the first queer lead in a Marvel flick. That honor will go to whoever’s cast in the role of James in the upcoming movie The Eternals. As Kevin Feige has already stated on the record, diversity and representation are the future of the MCU. While those progressive ideas are sure to infuriate some close-minded fans, they’ll also inspire plenty more to come to the theater to witness long-awaited history in the making.

In any case, there’s still plenty of time for Carol to fall in love with someone. After all, she’ll be a part of at least five more Marvel movies, much to the chagrin of all those trolls who can’t stand her, and besides, the studio’s plans can always change. For now, though, it doesn’t sound like she’ll end up romantically involved with anyone in the near future.

Who knows, maybe Captain Marvel is even asexual, which would also be a step in the right direction towards representation, or maybe she just doesn’t want a relationship right now? Either way, it sounds like the inspiring superhero will be flying solo in her next standalone feature.