Marvel Kept MCU From Developing Movies For Daredevil, Ghost Rider And Others

charlie cox daredevil

Prior to the launch of Disney Plus, there was a whole ecosystem of Marvel TV shows on other platforms. And while series such as ABC’s Agents of Shield or Netflix’s Daredevil seemed couched within the world of the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, we’re getting new insights into how those titles and ones like it were very much their own thing after all.

This all centers around a key difference between the pre-Disney Plus Marvel shows and Marvel movies. The former was produced by Marvel Entertainment, while the movies were produced by Marvel Studios, overseen by Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

The properties in question include ABC’s Agent Carter and Netflix’s now-canceled lineup of interconnected shows that included Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Punisher and The Defenders.

While it may have been long presumed that Feige and Marvel Studios had no interest in developing film adaptations of the TV characters and basically let Marvel Entertainment have free reign as a result, the truth of the matter is actually quite the contrary. In fact, Marvel Studios and Feige had no control at all.

Per TheDirect, these new insights come from a recently released book, The Story of Marvel Studios: The Making of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, released on October 19th, 2021.

Among other revelations, the book revealed that Marvel Studios did have an interest in developing some of those characters relegated to the TV side of Marvel. Some of the properties Marvel decided to put out of Feige’s reach, despite his interest, included Ghost Rider, Daredevil and Blade.

It all stems from certain Marvel IP being licensed to a variety of different studios back in the 1990s. When properties such as Daredevil and Elektra finally reverted to Marvel from 20th Century Fox, for instance, Marvel made the decision to keep those titles separate from the MCU and develop them for TV under Marvel Entertainment, contrary to Feige’s own wishes.

This all throws into question whether those prior shows are still considered canon within the MCU, or if the characters will eventually be reinvented entirely for their film debuts. Feige himself has expressed praise for Charlie Cox’s portrayal as Daredevil, so it’s possible some aspects of the shows will carry over to the MCU one day.

Do you think Marvel‘s past shows should be enveloped into the MCU proper?