[SPOILERS] Will Reportedly Become The MCU’s New Spider-Man Eventually


Last year, there was a lot of hubbub over the future of Spider-Man on the big screen, with Disney and Sony essentially fighting over who gets to have Tom Holland’s Peter Parker in their universe. The end result may be that he’ll end up appearing in both franchises, but given all the fuss about who landed custody over Peter, it’s surprising to hear that there are apparently already plans to replace him, with Miles Morales.

Insider Daniel Richtman took to Twitter today to discuss the increased diversity of the MCU in the coming years, seemingly dropping the bombshell – among others – that Miles will eventually take over for Peter in the cinematic universe, as per the Ultimate comics.

It’s unknown at this stage if Richtman is just speculating or his tweet is based on concrete info, but he doubled down on his stance that Miles will definitely become the next wall-crawler in a second, now deleted-Tweet asking what will happen with Carol Danvers, saying:

Sam replaced Steve, Miles will replace Peter down the line and Monica will replace her.

Of course, there’ve been signs that Miles is coming to the MCU for almost as long as Peter’s been in it, with Spider-Man: Homecoming introducing his uncle Aaron Davis, who name-checked his nephew in a deleted scene. And given the time-jump of Avengers: Endgame, many have theorized that he’s now old enough to be a superhero, causing folks to wonder if he could turn up in Spider-Man 3. 

Tom Holland himself is a big fan of the character, too, and has called for him to enter the franchise. That said, the actor has always talked about his interest in working alongside Miles as Peter and having the pair in a crime-fighting partnership. The star has maintained that he’d like to play Spider-Man for many, many movies to come, after all. But maybe a cap has been put on his career as the web-slinger that we don’t know about?

In any case, while we wait for him to arrive in the MCU, Miles will lead the sequel to Sony’s Into the Spider-Verse when it hits cinemas in April 2022. Before then, however, Holland will return in July 2021’s Spider-Man 3.