Marvel Planning New Fantastic Four Movie, Will Be A Cosmic Adventure


As the Disney/Fox deal edges ever closer to completion, fans continue to speculate on how Marvel Studios might make use of their newly acquired properties, and while the X-Men and Deadpool have dominated most such conversations, many of us have long assumed that the Fantastic Four will also be factoring into Kevin Feige’s vision for the future.

Sure enough, a source close to We Got This Covered has claimed that the studio does indeed have plans for a movie focused on Marvel’s First Family. Though details are a little vague, it’s said that the film will be based on the Ultimate Fantastic Four comic book series, will feature a team in their 20s or 30s, and will be a cosmic adventure that sees the gang exploring space and the unknown. On top of that, it’s reported that Doctor Doom will not be the villain, which sounds like the right move for the team’s MCU debut, given his repeated presence in previous Fantastic Four films.

Speaking of Victor Von Doom, the character has lately been the subject of his own line of fan theories suggesting how he might be introduced into the MCU. Even Avengers: Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus shared some ideas last year on how it could be done, arguing that the next attempt at adapting the villain should “stick to the comic book and make him the king of his own country.”

But going back to the Fantastic Four, the team has a pretty unfortunate track record when it comes to film adaptations, from the officially unreleased 1994 version, to the 2015 box office bomb that director Josh Trank probably wishes went unreleased. Though we’re likely a few years away from finding out whether Marvel Studios can break the curse, here’s hoping Feige doesn’t leave us hanging too long before the inevitable reboot is announced.