Avengers: Infinity War Writers Explain How They’d Handle A Doctor Doom Movie


Avengers: Infinity War screenwriters Stephen McFeely and Christopher Markus have revealed how they’d tackle adapting iconic Marvel comics villain Doctor Doom if they ever got the chance.

Speaking at an event hosted by Kevin Smith, the duo were asked if they thought a movie about the character could even work. They agreed that it could, as long he was treated better than in the previous Fantastic Four films. Markus went on to say that he also thinks the key would be to embrace the comic book portrayal of Doom and don’t shy away from his traditional masked and cloaked appearance, even comparing him to Darth Vader:

“One: I would do the thing that they never do which is to stick to the comic book and make him the king of his own country and have a big metal helmet on. He looks like Darth Vader. It works in Star Wars, just do it again. They’re like, ‘He’s an American scientist who is jealous of their relationship.’ No! He’s a nut-bag with a metal mask!”

That said, Markus understands what the filmmakers of the previous FF movies were going for when they changed Victor Von Doom’s character. As he says, however underwhelming the final versions of the villain were, the intention to try and make him “relatable” was a sound one. Markus makes a good point as well when he says that the character has an inherent “ridiculous” edge, which means you need to accept his comic book-y nature.

“I can completely understand the impulse. It’s like, you have to make it relatable. You have to relate it to these characters. You want them all to have a past together. I get it but it doesn’t work because he has to wind up in a ridiculous place unless you’re just gonna put him in a leather jacket and call him “Vic.” You’ve gotta go put on a cape. Either you’re gonna leave yourself the task of getting all the way over to a guy in a cape or just make him a guy in a cape!”

We wonder if writer/director Noah Hawley has thoughts along similar lines, as he’s currently working on a Doctor Doom movie. The Legion showrunner’s admitted, though, that he doesn’t know what’ll happen to the project if the Disney/Fox deal goes through. If it does, maybe the character will be passed over to Markus and McFeely and they’ll be able to treat Doom with much the same deft hand as they did Thanos. Fingers crossed, eh?