Marvel Reportedly Plans To Make At Least 9 Spider-Man Movies


Just days before America celebrates its independence, and almost as importantly, the release of Far From Home, comes news that will excite any fan of the web-head. We Got This Covered has heard from our sources that Marvel plans to make at least nine Spider-Man movies before they’re done with Tom Holland, including Homecoming and Far From Home.

If that news had involved DC instead of Marvel, and Batman vs. Superman instead of our friendly neighborhood Spidey, I might worry a bit. But Holland’s portrayal of the superhero is definitely worthy of at least that many movies. Don’t you think?

Apparently, the proposed timeline goes something like this. With Homecoming and FFH released, or soon to be released for the latter, there’ll be one more movie with Peter Parker in high school. Following that, we’ll get three films with him in college and finally, a third trilogy with adult Spider-Man doing adult things. Like, say, teaming up with Deadpool and Wolverine.

With the possible superhero team-ups though also comes the prospect of building up to a huge Thanos-esque final showdown with a nasty villain. Marvel will have plenty of time to work its way up to the much-anticipated arrival of the Sinister Six and seeing how Vulture is currently in prison with the future (maybe) Scorpion, we already have two villains present and accounted for. In fact, the Six are also in Marvel’s plans apparently, just like the triple team-up mentioned above.

With seven more movies coming, and the fact that the Sinister Six has had about 15 iterations, the members of villainous team could literally be anyone. Given that Doc Ock led most versions of the group though, hopefully we’ll get a new version of the tentacled scientist. Maybe Spidey and Ock will even swap consciousnesses, like in the comics? The possibilities are seemingly endless right now, and hopefully you’re all as giddy as me for more Spider-Man.