Marvel Reportedly Building Up To An X-Men Vs. Avengers Movie


Ever since Disney completed their takeover of Fox, fans have been excited by the prospect of the X-Men and the Fantastic Four joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The last movies for both teams ended up as critically-panned box office disasters, and with the slate being wiped clean, the hope is that Kevin Feige and his team will be able to do the comic book icons justice.

There’s already been plenty of speculation about how the merry band of mutants will undergo their latest reboot under new ownership, although given that the Fox franchise spanned a dozen installments over two decades, we likely won’t be seeing the MCU’s take on the characters for a long time yet. However, a new rumor claims that Charles Xavier’s super-powered students are planned to eventually face off against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in the mouth-watering prospect of an X-Men vs. Avengers movie.

Admittedly, this comes from the Lords of the Long Box YouTube channel, who’ve proven to be decidedly hit-or-miss with these kind of scoops, but it does match some of the things that we’ve heard in the past. As per the report, Doctor Doom will gradually play a larger and larger role in the MCU, one which will eventually culminate in the MCU’s adaptation of Secret Wars, which we’ve previously heard the studio were in the early stages of developing.

This story arc will dovetail with Magneto’s, with the powerful mutant initially introduced as a villain before he eventually leads a team of mutants into battle against Doom in Secret Wars. Once that crossover event is done, Marvel will then start building towards X-Men vs. Avengers after the mutants have been fully integrated into the franchise, with Magneto positioned as a sympathetic figure who can understand the arguments put forth by both sides as they gear up to do battle.

Just because the Infinity Saga is over, it doesn’t mean by any stretch of the imagination that the MCU is done with epic crossovers, and X-Men vs. Avengers is arguably the biggest that they have at their disposal. Not to mention it’s also one with the potential to hit the same kind of critical and commercial heights that greeted Avengers: Endgame.