Marvel Reportedly Plans To Bring Back X-Men Origins: Wolverine’s Deadpool


There isn’t much to recommend about X-Men Origins: Wolverine, which took the franchise’s most popular character and made him the star of one of its weakest movies. There are many glaring and major flaws with Gavin Hood’s prequel, but perhaps the single most egregious one was how Ryan Reynolds’ live-action debut as Deadpool was handled.

The actor had already spent five years trying to get a solo film for the Merc with a Mouth off the ground by 2009, so he inevitably jumped at the chance to suit up on the big screen. And after a sterling introduction in an early action sequence, the bizarre decision was made to sew the character’s mouth shut and resurrect him as a hairless villain that bore absolutely no resemblance to his comic book counterpart.

X-Men: Origins Wolverine Deadpool

Most fans and Reynolds himself would much rather pretend that it never even happened, but we’ve now heard from our sources – the same ones that told us Thor: Love and Thunder would be adapting Jane Foster’s cancer storyline months before Natalie Portman confirmed it – that X-Men Origins: Wolverine‘s version of Wade Wilson could show up in a future Deadpool movie at Marvel Studios.

According to our intel, the scene is thankfully going to be played entirely for laughs, with Deadpool running into his doppelgänger from the 2009 film during his travels through the multiverse, where the reviled take on the beloved antihero will presumably meet a grisly end to finally draw a line under one of the worst interpretations of a comic book character that’s ever been committed to cinema. Reynolds’ Wade Wilson has already traveled through time to stop himself from starring in Green Lantern, so this would hardly be an unexpected development and while it’s unclear when or where exactly it would happen, we’re told that it’s indeed something Marvel is planning on doing.