Marvel Reportedly Sowing The Seeds For Doctor Doom In The MCU

doom doctor

In many ways, fans are more excited to see Doctor Doom enter the MCU than the Fantastic Four themselves, seeing as the First Family’s nemesis has been consistently mischaracterized in the Fox movies. We haven’t had official confirmation that Victor is coming to the franchise anytime soon, but he’s such an obvious major player to drop into Phase 4 and beyond that it just makes sense. Likewise, a new report may reveal that Marvel is already sowing the seeds of Doom’s arrival.

MCU Cosmic’s Jeremy Conrad writes that sources have informed him Marvel is set to introduce Lucia von Bardas in an unknown MCU project. In the comics, von Bardas succeeded Doom as the head of state in Latveria. Initially, she appeared to be a peaceful ruler, but soon turned out to be just as duplicitous as her predecessor. She eventually became a cyborg and even briefly took the title of Doctor Doom for herself.

Conrad suggests that the succession of power could be switched in the MCU and von Bardas may be introduced as the Latverian prime minister before Victor appears on the scene and assumes command of the European nation from her. However she’s portrayed, though, it seems that von Bardas will be the first citizen of Latveria to appear in the MCU, which tees the way for Doom to make himself known later on.

This is similar to how Marvel previously introduced Wakanda into the MCU, with Ulysses Klaue appearing in Avengers: Age of Ultron before Black Panther made his big entrance in Captain America: Civil War. Again, we don’t know yet which movie or TV show will feature von Bardas’ live-action debut, and certainly not where Doctor Doom will show up first. But it looks a lot like he’ll be on his way back to the screen in the not-so-distant future.