Shortlist Of Directors For Spider-Man Reboot Revealed

An early example of how to do a comic book movie right, Spider-Man 2 was more of a game starter than a game changer, but it was still a key component in turning the genre into what it is today. With a fantastic villain in Doc Ock, equal parts intelligence and emotion and improvements upon its predecessor in almost every way, Spider-Man 2 set the gold standard for comic book movies upon release and paved the way for much of what we see today. It was influential, perfectly executed and just a damn fine film.


Deadline is reporting on a shortlist of directors that Marvel and Sony are currently eyeing for the highly-anticipated Spider-Man reboot.

Apparently, the studio is looking at 50/50 helmer Jonathan Levine, Ted Melfi, who delivered the under-appreciated St. Vincent last year, Pitch Perfect director Jason Moore, Napolean Dynamite‘s Jared Hess and the directing duo of John Francis Daley and Johnathan M. Goldstein, who are currently tackling the reboot of John Hughes’ Vacation.

There’s no word on who the frontrunner is just yet, but rumors point to the new reboot having an arc that will be spread over several films, with each one “covering a year of high school for Peter Parker, who’ll already have been bitten by the radioactive spider.” Furthermore, the tone of this new set of films is said be in the vein of “John Hughes humor and emotion,” which makes sense given some of the directors listed above. Filmmakers like Levine and Melfi have proven themselves to be quite adept at balancing both comedy and drama and personally, I’d love to see either of them take the gig.

We already know that the search for an actor to play the webslinger is underway, with Asa Butterfield said to be the most likely choice (though Tom Holland could nab the role as well). While there’s no confirmation on that front either, given that Spidey is set to appear in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, I’d expect the studios to announce their Peter Parker quite soon. It’s also being reported that Marvel and Sony want their director locked down this month, so expect to hear a final choice for that as well in the near future.

As always, we’ll keep you posted on any and all further developments. In the meantime, though, head on down to the comments section and chime in with who you’d like to see direct the Spider-Man reboot.

Source: Deadline