Marvel Studios Takes A Stand Against Racism Amidst George Floyd Riots

Marvel Cinematic Universe Heroes

It’s been a somber but eventful week in the United States. On May 25th, 2020, George Floyd was killed after a Minneapolis officer held a knee on his neck for about 9 minutes despite consistent pleas to allow him to breath. While the officer has since been arrested and charged with third degree murder, most feel that’s too light of a sentence for what was quite clearly cold-blooded murder.

The unrest caused both by Floyd’s death and the light sentencing of the officer has sparked outrage nationwide and led to protests erupting in various cities across the country, including major hotspots like Atlanta, Boston, Los Angeles, and Chicago. Though many have remained peaceful in their protesting, some have turned to rioting and looting, leading to increased law enforcement action and unfortunate fatalities and injuries on both sides of the fight.

Though hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets, many have also shown their support through social media, including celebrities and corporations who wish to stand behind the protests. Speaking of which, Marvel Studios has joined in this week on Twitter to announce their unwavering support to the black community and those fighting against injustice.

Marvel’s stance on the matter shouldn’t come as a surprise, of course, as the brand has been well-known for its attempts to expand its massive collection of characters to include various sexualities, races and creeds. Still, those feeling unheard and underappreciated are sure to appreciate all of the support and inclusion they can get right now as they continue their fight.

As we head into June, destructive riots seem to only be multiplying, leading to fears that the National Guard may be forced to take severe action to protect businesses and property from those seeking to destroy it. It’s a bleak time in America, but here’s to hoping change comes soon before it’s too late.