Marvel visual artist reveals shelved comic book-accurate Lizard look in ‘No Way Home’

Spider-Man: No Way Home could have seen Lizard don a very different look and thanks to Marvel Studios’ visual development supervisor Ian Joyner we can now check out the alternate visualization of the character.

In a post to Instagram, Joyner showed off the more comic-book accurate appearance of Lizard that was pitched during the process of creating the character’s look for his MCU debut.

Lizard a.k.a. Curt Connors first appeared on the big screen during the events of 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man where he had a scaly reptile-like green skin and wore a tattered lab coat. In the No Way Home concept, the character is more faithful to his comic book appearance as he is sporting a more buff physique with a lizard-like snout and wearing purple pants to join the coat along while

Ultimately, Lizard’s look remained similar to his appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man, though it was sans the lab coat. Here’s a look at what could have been.

It is evident that of all the returning villains, Lizard’s comeback took more time to flesh out during the film’s production. Along with Joyner’s recent revelation, visual effects supervisor on the film Chris Waegner has also spoken about the changes to Lizard’s appearance. Waegner explained that the team wanted to explore the different facets of Lizard’s personality during the movie and this influenced his design.

Ultimately, even though the finalized look for the Lizard didn’t completely match his appearance in the comic books, he fit perfectly amongst the other villains in the latest Spider-Man film and that’s all MCU fans ever wanted.

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