Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot Reportedly Gearing Up For Pre-Production

Fantastic Four
Image via Marvel Entertainment

Having been the subjects of four feature-length movies so far, the very best of which could generously be described as tedious, it seems about time that the Fantastic Four get the big screen treatment that they’ve always deserved. You’d never be able to tell that they’re among the most iconic characters in the history of comic books based on their cinematic history alone, and fans will be hoping that Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios will finally be able to do them justice.

The architect of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only ever publicly mentioned the Fantastic Four once at last summer’s San Diego Comic-Con, which makes it more than likely that we won’t be seeing the reboot for a while yet. With Josh Trank’s infamous bomb and the disastrous Dark Phoenix marking the last outings for two of the studio’s newly-acquired properties, the smart money is on Marvel taking their time to make sure they get both the Fantastic Four and X-Men reboots right.

However, a new report from Murphy’s Multiverse has been joining some dots, and it appears as though Fantastic Four could be gearing up for pre-production sooner than we thought. As per the report, Marvel recently registered two new production companies called Solve Everything Productions and Grass-Fed Productions.

While that seems fairly innocuous, the studio have a history of tying the names of these companies to the project in question. For example, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier went by the unfortunately-titled Pandemic Productions, which was rumored to reflect the direction of the plot, while The Eternals‘ shoot was registered under Olympia Productions before it was even officially announced, with Olympia being the home of the titular team on Earth.

‘Solve Everything’ is a quote attributed to Reed Richards that was also the name of a five-issue Fantastic Four comic book arc, so even if the connection seems like a bit of a stretch, Marvel’s track record for naming their production companies just goes to show that it can’t be entirely ruled out, either. We’ve no idea what Grass-Fed Productions is for though, unless Blade is going vegan.