The Matrix 4 Title Reportedly Revealed


When The Matrix first arrived way back in 1999, audiences had never seen anything quite like it before. Sure, there were a lot of action-oriented sci-fi flicks out there, but the Wachowskis brought us something totally unique from both a storytelling and technical perspective, combining expertly choreographed set pieces with spectacular visual effects to offer up a groundbreaking work of cinema.

Of course, a film’s influence can usually be determined by how many thinly veiled imitations and parodies spring up after it releases, and in that regard, the first installment in the original trilogy can certainly be called one of the most influential blockbusters in history. Indeed, for years after The Matrix hit theaters, nearly every action hero was seen wearing leather and sunglasses. Not to mention that bullet time was used in numerous genres.

Almost two decades after Revolutions, though, The Matrix 4 is finally coming together and while not much is known about it just yet, its title has been revealed this week. According to insider Daniel Richtman – and several other leaks online – it’ll be called The Matrix: Resurrections.

Sure, it’s not the most original title, but it does follow in a similar vein to what came before and may even offer up some hints about the plot, which is still being kept a closely guarded secret. In any case, with the shoot having already wrapped, it hopefully won’t be too much longer until we get some footage from the blockbuster. Or perhaps an official photo or two.

The Matrix 4 – or The Matrix: Resurrections, as it’s apparently called – will be with us on December 22nd, 2021. And frankly, we can’t wait to see what it has in store.