Matt Damon To Return For Rounders 2, Robert De Niro Wanted For Villain Role

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A couple of years ago The Weinstein Company and Miramax reached a deal that would allow TWC to move forward with sequels to some of their older titles. Unfortunately, nothing really came of that deal and it seemed as if we would never see follow-ups to some of our favorite films. This week, however, things look to be picking up again. With new capital and new investors, several of these long-gestating projects are finally going to head into production.

First up will likely be Rounders 2, which is making a bit of headway. In fact, it appears that Matt Damon is going to reprise his role, if Harvey Weinstein is to be believed.

“I’ve discussed making ‘Rounders 2’ with Matt Damon and I would say that’s going to be instantaneous,” the mogul declared. “The guys [writers David Levien and Brian Koppelman] have a great idea, a way to make it more international where you start the card game in Paris, that’s all I want to say. There might be a certain beautiful Parisian actress involved in it, and then we’re off to the racetrack and Vegas with Matty and Edward Norton, and a new supervillain to replace John Malkovich.”

As for the supervillain role, Harvey apparently has his eye on Robert De Niro, according to Deadline. That’s not official just yet as the actor hasn’t signed on or anything, but I can definitely see it happening.

The sequel news doesn’t stop there either. Harvey has plans to bring back a whole handful of his old films. Good Will Hunting and Flirting With Disaster will be turned into TV series and sequels are being discussed for Swingers, Clerks, Shakespeare in Love, Copland and more.

Personally, I think this is is great news. While sequels are usually a gamble, especially sequels to older films, people have been asking for Rounders 2 (as well as some of these other proposed follow-ups) for a long time now. Sure, it’s been 15 years since the original Rounders but I have no doubt in my mind that fans will still show up to theatres to see this one.

Let’s just hope that this time the plans don’t fall through this time and that the sequel actually comes to fruition.

Tell us, are you excited by the fact that Rounders 2 finally seems like a reality?