Matt Reeves confirms presence of clever Easter Egg in ‘The Batman’ foreshadowing Riddler’s endgame

Paul Dino as The Riddler in 'The Batman'
Image via Warner Bros.

Even after a month has passed since Matt Reeves’ The Batman was released in theaters worldwide, there is no stopping the discovery of new Easter eggs in the DCEU masterpiece. Eagle-eyed viewers are spotting more hidden secrets on the second, third, fourth, and even fifth rewatch of the latest live-action Batman adaptation, especially now that the film has finally debuted on HBO Max.

Paul Danos’ Riddler was a major plot point for Reeves’ The Batman. Even though he only intermittently appeared throughout the film and revealed his face towards the conclusion, he was the central villain and a truly terrifying opponent, who kept both Batman and the audience guessing with every ingenious riddle.

On Twitter, film director Ryan Unicomb shared that one of his friends had spotted a clever Easter egg in The Batman. Tweeting Matt Reeves directly, Ryan uploaded a screenshot of the Gotham City landscape, exactly 31 minutes and 55 seconds into the film. He highlighted that the apartment window on the left-hand side in the blue circle actually reveals Paul Dano’s Riddler in the window opposite the Iceberg Lounge and asked Reeves to confirm the discovery.

Bringing an end to the speculations, Reeves confirmed the suspicions by replying, “Indeed, I can confirm. 100%.”

So, that leaves us with the knowledge that Dano’s Riddler had been waiting in the shadows and hiding in the apartment opposite the Iceberg Lounge throughout the events of The Batman. He had been observing even the most minor events that would lead the caped crusader to finally bring Carmine Falcone out into the light, allowing him to finally end the gangster’s reign of terror.