‘The Batman’ officially debuts on HBO Max

the batman

The Batman is now streaming on HBO Max. Matt Reeves’ take on the Dark Knight hit theaters last month, scored very positive reviews, and went on to gross $750 million at the international box office, making it the highest-grossing film of 2022 so far (though I doubt it’ll keep that crown once summer blockbuster season gets underway).

The official HBO Max Twitter account posted a moody image of Robert Pattinson’s Batman to mark the occasion. Check it out:

One of the few widespread criticisms of The Batman was that its three-hour run time felt too long. Audiences around the world were left wondering when it would be safe to head to the bathroom, with some bladders sorely tested by a finale that saw millions of gallons of water sloshing across the screen. Being able to view it at home at your own leisure will make for a much more relaxing viewing experience, so expect this to be a big hit for HBO Max.

Warner Bros appear to have considered The Batman a promising start to a new bat franchise. Both Reeves and Pattinson have said they’re excited to see what’s next in this story, with there already being rough plans in place for a trilogy.

Before all that, we’ll return to Gotham City in a spinoff series centered around Colin Farrell’s Penguin. This has been billed as a limited series showing Penguin’s rise through the criminal underworld in the years prior to The Batman, with influences listed as Scarface and The Long Good Friday.

Sometime in the future, we will also be getting an Arkham Asylum focused horror series, which has been teased as an anthology show retelling the origin stories of members of Batman’s rogue’s gallery.

All the above will come to HBO Max at some point over the next few years, but binging The Batman is just a click away on HBO Max.

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