Matt Reeves To Direct Frankenstein Pic This Dark Endeavor

In news of yet another Frankenstein-themed pic in the works, Deadline reports that Let Me In helmer Matt Reeves is set to direct This Dark Endeavor for Summit Entertainment. Jacob Aaron Estes (Mean Creek) will pen the film adaptation of Kenneth Oppel’s young adult novel “This Dark Endeavor: The Apprenticeship of Victor Frankenstein,” which hits bookstores this summer.

The novel is part of a proposed book series (hello, franchise) to be published by Simon and Schuster. The plot synopsis of This Dark Endeavor centers around Victor Frankenstein’s twin brother Konrad, who is gravely ill. Victor sets out with his friend Elizabeth to find the elusive ingredients for the Elixir of Life, a magic serum that bestows the gift of perpetual life. No doubt a romantic triangle develops, and dangerous adventures ensue.

Reeves has gained critical and popular acclaim in the last few years with his sci fi thriller Cloverfield, and then his atmospheric film version of Swedish vampire tale Let the Right One In. Apparently, in addition to this Frankenstein pic, he’s already involved in two upcoming genre film projects. Fox 2000 has signed him on to direct its vampire tale The Passage, and he’s got a deal with Universal to helm a sci fi film based on the short story “8 O’Clock in the Morning.” Some of you might recognize the 1988 John Carpenter film based on the same short story, They Live,  in which a man discovers that unseen aliens control the world.

Much like the current big studio battle of the Snow Whites, there are more than one Frankenstein-themed film projects in the works at competing studios. RT Features and Sam Raimi’s Ghost House Pictures will produce The Casebook of Victor Frankenstein, a film version of Peter Ackroyd’s novel about a young Victor experimenting on corpses under the influence of Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poetry. Universal is also developing a remake of the 1931 classic film, with Guillermo del Toro attached. But wait, there’s more. Columbia Pictures recently acquired the rights to spec film project Frankenstein, Craig Fernandez’ modern re-telling of the classic tale.

Hollywood never gets tired of jumping on the proverbial bandwagon. If there’s a good idea out there that hasn’t been exploited to death, just give it time. I am looking forward to some of these, though, particularly This Dark Endeavor because of Reeve’s involvement, and also Universal’s remake if it will actually be helmed by Guillermo del Toro.