Matt Smith already misses one of his cut scenes from ‘Morbius’

Sony Pictures

Jared Leto’s Morbius may end up being a morbid joke when it releases Friday, but the Spider-Man-adjacent work has left costar Matt Smith already pining for one of his scenes that didn’t survive the final cut of the series.

“There were way more scenes in it that really supported [my villain’s inception]. There was a whole sequence with the girl in the bar where Milo met her a scene before and then they went back and he fell for her and then she really hurt him, and then he went on this big killing spree. I sort of miss that part of the story, actually, now because that didn’t make the film and it gave it a bit of context to see him do that.”

Smith made the comments during an interview with Digital Spy published today. He noted his character is not a total villain and, with those kinds of roles, it is important to plug in depth so viewers appreciate their subtle nuances.

“You do need that, there has to be a degree of empathy. You need to like your villains, you kind of want to hang out with them. You want to hang out with Hannibal Lecter a bit, don’t you? Well I do anyway.”

The world will soon know if audiences are down to mingle with his Milo, though as we reported earlier this month, early reactions suggest they will not be inviting him — or Morbius — back to future mingling opportunities in the theater.