Matthew Goode To Play Superman In Zack Snyder’s Reboot?


The website MovienewZ is reporting that  Zack Snyder has pegged Matthew Goode to play the titular role in his upcoming reboot of the franchise. This news is credited only to sources, and is unsubstantiated. Yet. First a British Spiderman, now a British Superman. The site reports in their article:

According to our sources, Snyder wants Goode to play mild-mannered reporter Clark Kent and has plans to rely heavily on CGI for The Man of Steel. Essentially this means Superman could be a CG enhanced character, similar to what Warner Bros. is doing with the Green Lantern costume. This would certainly eliminate the need to cast based on the physical stature of Superman. (Read the full article here)

Goode’s acting skills prove he can handle most roles. You may remember him playing opposite Colin Firth in Tom Ford’s A Single Man from last year. Goode also previously worked with Snyder on Watchmen. Personally, I think the role would suit him quite well.

What do you think? Would Goode make a good Superman?

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