Matthew McConaughey Reportedly Being Eyed For Reverse-Flash In The Flash

The Flash

For the fastest man alive, the Flash is taking his sweet time to make it to the big screen. Originally announced back in 2014, Ezra Miller’s first solo outing as the Scarlet Speedster was due to land in 2018. Since then, the project has been in development hell and gone through a number of directors, with the film’s problems compounded by the studio reevaluating their DCEU plans after the failure of Justice League and Miller being busy with the ongoing Fantastic Beasts franchise.

Now, our sources are telling us they’re doubtful the film is going to happen anytime soon, if at all – despite recent reports. After all, Fantastic Beasts 3 will begin shooting in spring 2020, leaving Miller tied up in the Wizarding World until later that year. This means The Flash probably can’t shoot before 2021, which would probably give it a 2022 release date.

Despite that feeling like a very long ways away though, Warner Bros. are still reportedly putting together casting wishlists, as “on paper,” at least, the project is still a go. And apparently, one name they’re interested in for Reverse-Flash is Matthew McConaughey.

Of course, it’s unlikely that the actor has been formally contacted yet given how early on in the production process it is, but we’ve been told that they’re definitely considering him. And seeing as these are the same sources who also told us The CW was developing an Arrow spinoff for Katherine McNamara way back in March, and that a Swamp Thing movie is in the works at WB (which Bloody Disgusting has since confirmed), we have no reason to doubt it. And while we did originally hear that the actor was up for Two-Face in The Batman, we now know that the character has been cut from the film and so it seems the studio wants him for Reverse-Flash instead.

Of course, this probably means that we’re going to see the Eobard Thawne Reverse-Flash (aka Professor Zoom) in the story as well. While I doubt we’ll get his exact comic book origin on screen, I reckon the broad strokes of a scientist obsessed with the Flash who undergoes a damaging procedure to try and emulate him should work well enough. Or, if they’re willing to get a bit weirder, they could go with the New 52 version of the character in which he’s a time-traveling villain from the 25th century.

Whoever plays the role though, I really hope they finally get this film into theaters. Miller was a great Flash and the potential of a hero with super-speed hasn’t been properly explored on-screen (the teases we got in the X-Men movies with Quicksilver merely hinted at what’s possible). Personally, I’d love to see some of the crazier storylines be adapted that get into what it’s really like to possess the Speed Force. But for now, we’ll just have to wait and see if The Flash ever escapes development hell.