Did You Spot This MCU Continuity Error During Spider-Man: Homecoming?


There’s a small continuity error hidden within Spider-Man: Homecoming, and it involves the film’s recollection of Captain America: Civil War.

Over on Reddit, one eagle-eyed MCU fan has posted a comparison of Civil War‘s airport battle and the one featured in Peter Parker’s homemade video (see here). You’ll notice that the original footage from Marvel’s team-up movie shows Spidey gawk at Giant-Man from afar, whereas Homecoming framed his goofy reaction as a selfie video. And therein lies the gaffe.

Chances are the Russo Brothers simply weren’t aware of Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s plot at the time, so once Jon Watts pitched his franchise-starter – the first of Tom Holland’s MCU solo movies – the director was allowed to take some creative liberties when retelling the calamitous events of Civil War. Either that, or Parker simply botched the editing job when creating his extraordinary vlog. Hey, he’s just a kid swept up by the excitement!

Besides, if one were to run a fine-tooth comb over the Marvel Cinematic Universe and its 20 installments, you’d likely uncover all sorts of continuity errors and minor inconsistencies peppered throughout Marvel’s lucrative juggernaut. By and large, the studio’s pool of creators have done a stand-up job of spinning so many plates simultaneously, though if this Reddit video is any indication, it appears they took their eye off the prize for just a moment during the creation of Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And, frankly, after so many years of top-tier comic book movies, we’re willing to forgive this minor blunder. Assuming it is a blunder