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MCU fans are confused about where this ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ weapon ended up

The sequel didn't clear this up too well...

Where did Thunderbolt end up?
Credit: Marvel Studios

While Thor certainly wasn’t planning on adding a third weapon to his arsenal during the events of Thor: Love and Thunder, Zeus being a bit of a stick in the mud during the Asgardians’ visit to Omnipotence City led to Valkyrie nicking the Olympian God’s signature weapon, Thunderbolt.

Serendipitously, the weapon ended up coming in handy during Thor’s final showdown with Gorr, with Jane Foster wielding Mjölnir to preserve her life and with Stormbreaker in the God butcher’s possession. But when that was all over and done with, where did Thunderbolt end up? 

This has become the point of a Reddit discussion started by u/greppoboy, as the film left the fate of the weapon somewhat in the air.

There are a few prevailing theories fans are collectively corroborating, the first being that Valkyrie hung on to the weapon and brought it with her to New Asgard, which the film appears to imply but never states outright. 

There’s another camp which is thinking the weapon may have been returned to Omnipotence City and its Olympian owners. As this commenter points out, Thor did say he’d return the weapon after all. Considering Thor’s a standup guy, it may not be too far-fetched to subscribe to this. 

There is a third and completely indifferent camp, some of which are feeling completely let down by the film, or just on Reddit for a good time and not a productive time. 

Cheeky digressions aside, the prevailing interpretation at this point appears to be that Thunderbolt is currently in Valkyrie’s possession. It’s no doubt that Zeus isn’t too thrilled about that, or at the very least by the fact that Thor got one over on him, as seen in the films post-credits scene introducing Brett Goldstein of Ted Lasso fame as the God of Lightning’s son, Hercules. 

Goldstein took out back-to-back Emmys for his role as Roy Kent in the Apple TV original. He also recently opened up about how he scored his role in the MCU

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