MCU Fans Think Captain Marvel Will Be The Next Leader Of The Avengers


Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, it seems pretty clear that we won’t be seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for a while, but that doesn’t mean that they’re gone for good. Marvel Studios are keenly aware of how important the all-star team-ups are to their output, and it’s hardly a coincidence that the four top earning installments in the MCU are all Avengers movies, and with the squad now taking a sabbatical from the big screen, absence is only going to make the heart grow fonder.

Kevin Feige has admitted in the past that a fifth Avengers will be happening some day, and the events that take place in both the movies and the upcoming Disney Plus shows will go a long way to determining who will be a part of the team the next time a threat needs them to be assembled. Not only that, but they’ll also need a leader.

After heading the Avengers for a decade, Steve Rogers is gone, and his de facto second-in-command Tony Stark is dead, with the remaining surviving members scattered across the galaxy. In fact, a recent poll asked fans to choose who they thought would be the next point person for Nick Fury’s pet project out of Spider-Man, Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Thor, Sam Wilson and Captain Marvel, and while the trolls won’t be happy with the results, Carol Danvers was the clear winner.

Thor gave up ruling Asgard, so he clearly has no interest in being in charge. Black Panther already has an entire country to run, it’ll take time for Sam to come to grips with being Captain America before he’s ready to lead, Doctor Strange is too self-absorbed and Spider-Man is still just a kid, so it looks to be a pretty obvious choice.

At this point, it seems a like a foregone conclusion that Captain Marvel will be the next leader of the Avengers. Not only did Kevin Feige come right out and say during the buildup to her solo movie that she’d be at the forefront of the entire MCU, but we also discovered that the entire initiative was named after, so it even makes sense from a storyline perspective.