MCU fans celebrate the fourth anniversary of the ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ release

Image via Marvel Studios

Fans on Twitter are reminiscing about a long-bygone era in the year 2018, when on this day the Russo Brothers’ The Avengers: Infinity War opened to historic numbers, taking in $2 billion on its way to becoming the fourth-biggest movie of all time.

The film, part one of a two-part MCU farewell to several beloved superheroes, starred Josh Brolin as Thanos, a large purple man who disappeared half of the world’s population with a snap of his fingers. And fans can’t stop talking about it on Twitter, starting with the official account of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. The Academy, whose brief is to uphold and preserve the highest standards of cinematic arts, is best known for its annual “Oscars” event, where trophies are handed out to the most famous person who agrees to show up, as well as the occasional celebrity slap fight.

Meanwhile, a Doctor Strange fan account took the opportunity to mark the character’s reliable annual appearance in MCU films:

Another fan reflected on the shocking ending, in which half the world’s population disappeared, including Hawkeye’s family:

While another fan celebrated Thor’s appearance in the Black Panther home country of Wakanda:

One fan celebrated the reason why the film remains their all-time favorite ever: