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MCU fans debate which characters the franchise wasted the most

Obviously, the name "Iron Fist" comes up more often than not.

iron fist
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It’s stating the obvious to say that not every character introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe is given a fair shake of the stick, and the franchise’s 14-year history is littered with either one-and-done antagonists, wasted supporting players, or completely uninteresting heroes that failed to make the impression befitting of their status.

Kevin Feige is constantly walking a delicate tightrope in trying to offer everything to everyone all at once, but it’s difficult to deny that he’s been pulling it off with aplomb so far. As several recent spicy takes have indicated, though, there’s always going to be dissension in the ranks of the MCU faithful, whether we’re talking about onscreen figures or behind the scenes developments.

On that note, a recent Twitter thread has been drumming up plenty of debate and discourse on social media, with the fandom debating which names have been done the dirtiest by their live-action MCU counterparts. As you can see below, the post that started it all makes a very good point.

Taskmaster was a little bit of an afterthought in Black Widow, with the big bad’s arc resolved at lightning speed in favor of a CGI-laden third act climax, while even the mere mention of Netflix’s Iron Fist is enough to send a shiver down the spine of anyone who knows and loves Danny Rand from his adventures on the printed page, as opposed to his disastrous small screen run.

It’s an argument that will never end, then, and if anything it’s only going to expand as the MCU continues to grow at an accelerated rate.

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