MCU fans have a curious question on Bruce Banner’s eating habits

Image via Marvel Studios

Even though the characters were first introduced over 60 years ago, Bruce Banner and The Incredible Hulk still remain two Marvel Comics staples that warrant a ton of questions from invested fans.

With the ability to transform into the enormous humanoid, the shy and withdrawn doctor has yet to fully come to the perfect understanding of his altered self, and the latest question on the lips of one curious fan has little to do with physical strength and brainpower, but the Hulk’s eating habits. 

In a Reddit post, a user begged the question that if, while in his Hulk state, Bruce were to chow down a very heavy meal and then revert back to his human self, what the result would be. Seeing as the Hulk would have to eat a lot more than usual to be full by his standards, how would Bruce’s body take the heat?

The results to the post range from hilarious responses, to one canonically proven MCU reason as to why no harm would come to the brilliant scientist, which is that Hulk always ensures the utmost safety of Bruce. In 2012’s The Avengers, Mark Ruffalo’s character casually mentioned in passing that he shot himself in the mouth, and “the other guy” spat it out.

So, no matter how much food the Hulk consumes in his superpowered state, he’s most likely going to stay that way until it’s all digested before reverting to Bruce. At the very least, he’ll just get rid of the food some other way and then have all his organs shrunk back to normal size, in regular Hulk fashion. Plus, with a killer metabolism, which also prevents him from ever getting drunk, food will also most likely be digested at a very rapid speed.