MCU fans keep their fingers firmly crossed for the tantalizing team-up they’ve been dreaming of

Yelena Belova
Image via Disney Plus

The MCU has seen plenty of team-ups over the years, but fans of the franchise are praying to see one get the attention it deserves.

The Disney Plus era of the MCU, in particular, has leaned into the team-ups and crossovers that absolutely litter Marvel comics. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is easily the best example, given its balance of two major Marvel characters, but it’s far from the only show to pair characters up. In fact, almost every MCU show leans on this formula, and fans are hoping to see one more join their ranks.

The chemistry between Kate Bishop and Yelena Belova is undeniable, and fans are pushing to see far more of it in the MCU’s future. The pair met on one of the aforementioned Disney Plus shows, and quickly made fans of a horde of viewers. Their charming dialogue and instant magnetism drew viewers in, and they’re demanding more in future phases of the cinematic universe.

People are in clear support of a recent post to Reddit’s Marvel Studio’s sub, where user Imperfect95 announced that the only thing they really want for Christmas is “a Kate/Yelena team up project.”


Imperfect95 notes the widespread popularity of a Yelena/Kate team up, and praises the clear chemistry between Hailee Steinfeld and Florence Pugh. The assurance of a Thunderbolts film in 2024 is raising hopes of more scenes between the two actresses, but isn’t nearly enough for fans of the pair. They want a full-blown television show, largely dedicated to the two as friendly rivals — or frenemies — and they want it now.

Commenters reinforced this point with passion, and pitched their ideas for how the MCU could pull it off. The most popular pitch leans into the inevitable introduction of the Young Avengers, and lays out a stellar approach that Marvel should really take notes on. User throwaway798319 tossed out the idea for a Young Avengers series, in which Kate bankrolls the team and Yelena gives her grief as a persistent anti-hero. Her consistent cameos, in which she shows up to “attack” the team and exchange funny quips, can set the groundwork for an eventual team-up between she and the Young Avengers, or perhaps even the Thunderbolts and the Young Avengers.

People compared the “frenemies” relationship to that between Professor Xavier and Magneto, and quickly rallied an eager force of Marvel die-hards intent on seeing a “buddy comedy” between the two fan-favorite characters. Many people don’t really care how it happens, whether it be a second season of Hawkeye, a Black Widow sequel, or the aforementioned Young Avengers show — they just want more Kate and Yelena.