MCU fans shocked to learn Wong is British

Image via Wong

Joining the slew of English MCU actors is none other than Benedict Wong himself, playing the memorable and lovable character Wong. First introduced in Doctor Strange, Wong appeared again in Infinity War and Endgame before making a brief appearance in 2021s Shang-Chi as well as the new Spider-Man film. During a recent red carpet interview with Variety, fans have been blessed to hear his real accent, and to say the least; they are shocked.

Hailing from Eccles, England, Wong is a born and bred Brit, but in the films, Wong speaks with an entirely different accent to which fans have never had a chance to hear until now. Some fans were so shocked that they still can’t believe that Wong is British. However, he is not the only MCU star that has shocked fans with their true accents, Andrew Garfield hails from California even though he grew up in the U.K, and Chris Hemsworth is Australian though he often gets mistaken for American.

During Wong’s interview with Variety, he confirmed that he has only one more week of reshoots for Doctor Strange 2 left. Reshoots were necessary due to the continuous growth of the Multiverse and the consequences of the recent Spider-Man film. Though nothing is confirmed, according to rumblings, the reshoots are focusing on cameos of other superheroes and introductions to new heroes. With the opening of the Multiverse, more and more heroes arrivals are to be expected.

To celebrate fans recently discovering Wong’s heritage, we’ve collected some of the best responses.

Catch Benedict in Spider-Man: No Way Home and next year’s Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness