MCU fans speculate after “popular” villain is rumored for a return

One of the most recurring and entirely valid criticisms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that death is more of a semi-permanent inconvenience than an actual demise, and Loki’s continued resurrections have even been turned into a running joke.

Paul Bettany has been killed onscreen three times this year already, and yet we’re all fully expecting him to return as White Vision sooner rather than later. While the rumor in question doesn’t strictly name anyone in particular whether they be alive or dead, insider KC Walsh has nonetheless got the internet talking after claiming that a popular MCU villain will be back to act as a mentor to a newer hero.

Walsh followed it up by ruling out James Spader’s Ultron, Toby Jones’ Arnim Zola and Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer, but that hasn’t stopped fans from putting forth their own suggestions. Prime among them are Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger taking Shuri under his wing, Corey Stoll’s Yellowjacket shepherding Cassie Lang into superheroism and either Baron Mordo or Scarlet Witch sinking their claws into Xochitl Gomez’s American Chavez.

Another possibility could be Josh Brolin’s Thanos showering Harry Styles’ Eros in brotherly love, but given that it’s a vague, speculative and entirely unconfirmed statement, the debate is entirely hypothetical for the time being.