Original Incredible Hulk Actor Says He’s Not Impressed With MCU’s Hulk


Not unlike Superman and Gotham’s Caped Crusader, the Incredible Hulk is a role that carries a tremendous legacy, one which spans generations and multiple different actors.

From Eric Bana to Edward Norton, Lou Ferrigno to Mark Ruffalo (AKA the current Bruce Banner), each actor has brought their own unique twist to Marvel’s Jade Giant. And while many have praised the MCU Hulk as one of the more complete interpretations of the character – particularly after the three-film arc involving Ragnarok, Infinity War and Endgame – it turns out OG Hulk, Lou Ferrigno, isn’t all that impressed.

The former bodybuilder, who originally played the Hulk in the 1978 TV show, called out Marvel Studios’ CGI-powered creation, believing it to be inferior – at least in terms of appearance – to Bill Bixby’s version.

“Today you got all this CGI and everything. I don’t know what direction the Hulk is going. That’s why a lot of people go back, they refer back to the series because it’s more organic, more authentic.” Ferrigno then admitted he doesn’t like “the way it looks.”

Marvel Studios’ Hulk, Ferrigno contends, lacks the physicality and gravitas of old-school Hulk, purely because of a perceived over-reliance on CGI. If he had it his way, Ferrigno would create a Hulk that was much more “hideous” in his appearance – a creature, essentially, though we don’t imagine how this would cater to Disney’s family-friendly approach.

Nevertheless, Lou Ferrigno is adamant that he’s not the only one who dislikes the MCU Hulk, telling FabTV (h/t Comicbook.com) that “thousands of fans” share the same sentiment.

Because it’s CGI, and nothing can replace what Bill Bixby and I did. And the way Disney is shaping it, I’m not very impressed with it. It needs to be a creature. They’ve taken away the chemistry. That’s why a lot of people go back to the series. I have thousands of fans coming up and telling me how much they’re not happy with the way the Hulk looks.

Looking to the future, and beyond Marvel’s planned She-Hulk series, it’s unclear when, exactly, we’ll see Mark Ruffalo back in the role of Bruce Banner. But we imagine it won’t be long.