New MCU Theory Says Thanos Gave Loki The Mind Stone For Another Reason


Thanos was the biggest threat that the Avengers faced in the MCU, and the Mad Titan made sure to time his invasion perfectly, or else omnipotent beings like Odin would’ve stopped him in his tracks.

In many ways, the conquering overlord was more than just a formidable foe for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Even when a past version of the villain came to the future to face them without a single Infinity Stone, the Big Three failed to defeat him in close-quarters combat. But as powerful as he was, Thanos feared several beings in the universe, namely Thor’s father. After all, were he to start his crusade when All-Father was still around, he could’ve never made it past the gates of Nidavellir, let alone rain carnage throughout the Nine Realms and find all six stones.

According to a new MCU theory, though, there might’ve been more to Thanos’ decision to send Loki with the Mind Stone to retrieve the Space Stone. You see, the Mad Titan had sensed the rift between the Asgardians, which is why he manipulated the God of Mischief into betraying his family to weaken Odin and bring about Ragnarok.

The attack on New York compelled Odin to focus his attention on Loki, while the return of the Dark Elves further wore out the might of Asgard, not to mention that the antihero’s interference and banishment of All-Father caused his death in Thor: Ragnarok.

Interestingly enough, if Loki hadn’t usurped the throne and exiled Heimdall, he could’ve warned the king or his son Thor about Thanos attacking Nidavellir and forcing the dwarves to make him an Infinity Gauntlet. This theory implies that the Mad Titan was aware that his armies couldn’t beat Asgard in its prime, which is why he used Loki to diminish their strength. Even the fact that Thanos quickly went after Thor following the events of Ragnarok and at the beginning of Avengers: Infinity War adds more validity to this speculation by confirming that he was closely monitoring the affairs of Asgard.

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